What is good skin care in summer?

After the harsh weather in springtime, did you crave the sun’s rays to give your face a little color? Summer has finally arrived and you may have already thought about what good skin care in summer would be.

Proper skin care is essential for every part of your body in the summer!

Face, body, armpit, legs … Indeed, in summer, almost every part of your body becomes visible on the beach, if not anywhere else! The beauty of your skin is essential to your physical, mental health and attractive appearance, so skin care is a key factor in summer.

We’ve collected five of the best cosmetics for you that we believe will not only make caring for your skin easier in the summer, but keep you skin radiantly healthy and vibrant.

Summer Skin Care Tip # 1: Replace Your Face Cream!


You don’t need heavy, oily creams for your skin in the summer, as the weather is not as extreme as in winter, and thanks to a lot of fresh nutrients, your skin is in better condition.

Serums will be your real friends in skin care in the summer because they are moist, jelly-like and so easily absorbed. Thanks to their high content of vitamins and active ingredients, your skin becomes tighter and full of life. What’s more, Herbsgarden Multivitamin Serum, with herbs A, C, E, and Q10, also stimulates collagen production, reducing the visible signs of skin aging on your face.

It is worth hydrating inside and out, do not forget to drink 2-3 liters of water a day!


Summer Skin Care Tip # 2: Don’t Leave Without a Sunscreen!


Did you know that most of the signs of skin aging are caused by sunlight, or by harmful UVA and UVB radiation? The importance of regular protection cannot be emphasized enough. Between 11.00 a.m. and 3.00 p.m. get in the shade, wear sunscreen and, of course, apply protective cream in your skin regularly.

If you can, use a physical sunscreen as chemically produced sunscreens contain chemicals that, when absorbed, can be even more harmful than the sun’s rays. And what is a physical sunscreen? A composition containing zinc oxide or titanium dioxide, which as a mirror reflects the UVA and UVB rays. It does not absorb into the skin but forms a white protective layer. Therefore, many products are now repainted, as is Herbsgarden’s Color Matching Day BB Cream. Its physical light protection is approx. 10 factors, which means it lets through 10 percent of the sun’s rays pass, not 90 percent! Do not use it if you wish to have a good sunbath though, it should be your basic protection for everyday use.


Summer Skin Care Tip # 3: Careful with Cosmetic Machines and Treatments!


Going to a beautician at any time of the year is great, who doesn’t want to be pampered. A good specialist can do a lot for skin rejuvenation. In the summer focus is on hydrating and nourishing your skin.

Be cautious with Cosmetic Machines designed for personal use! You can safely use hydroabrasion and ultrasonic devices if you can do it in the evening rather than during the day. Microdermabrasion is strictly forbidden, as polished skin is very sensitive. Radiofrequency Thermage treatment is not recommended in the summer, but if you still want 1-2 maintenance treatments, you should schedule for cloudy weather and after the treatment, proper sun protection is critical!

What about peelers? The AHA Fruit Acid, which is also found in the Herbsgarden Hibiscus Facial Scrub, can make your skin sensitive to the sun! So either use it when you are not likely to be exposed to direct sunlight for a few days, or make sure you use adequate sun protection.


Summer Skin Care Tip # 4: Deodorant as Essentials!


During the summer, our body sweats more to protect our body from overheating. Sweat in itself is a colorless, odorless liquid (99 percent water) that also contains organic matter. These substances start to decompose and release unpleasant odors when reacting with the oxygen in the air.

If you’re a fan of natural, aluminum-free deodorants, be sure to try Herbsgarden Lemonade Cream Deodorant, which has anti-inflammatory and natural bactericidal effects. It provides reliable protection against unpleasant odors, while calming and nourishing the skin.


Summer Skin Care Tip # 5: Don’t forget the facial mask!


Your skin will thank you for nourishment no matter what season it is. It will be a good choice to incorporate cream-treatment into your summer skin care routine as these oils contain the optimum concentration of essential oils for the skin. Depending on their composition, they cleanse, tighten, moisturize and make their skin appear much younger and radiant. Herbsgarden Anti-aging Facial Pack is a deeply absorbed, creamy pack rich in essential fatty acids and antioxidants that also stimulates the production of collagen-elastin fibers.

Enjoy sunlight, waterfront, freedom, and have fun in your skin in the summer!



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