Proper Winter Skin Care – How Do You Protect Your Skin From Dehydration?

It has been a shared experience by many of us that winter does not only challenge your immune system but also poses major challenges on your skin. Homes are heated, air is dry, and outdoors we face frosty, windy weather conditions that weaken the natural lipid layer protecting our skin. Moisture escaping from your skin will leave you with a dry and itchy sensation. The good news is that with proper precautions you can keep your skin soft in the winter – let’s see tips for daily skin care.

Daytime – Protection Your Skin from Dehydration

During winter, you should use day cream rich in natural vegetable oils, antioxidants and vitamins. When buying a cosmetic product, look for ingredients that are high in skin protection agents and easily absorbed oils, such as avocado, argan, jojoba, olive or apricot kernel oil. Be smarter than commercials, always read the ingredients on the packaging that manufacturers are required to list on a product in descending order of quantity. 1-2 herbal extracts will not make a product natural, especially if it is at the end of the list.

Night time – Revitalization of Skin and Smoothening of Wrinkles

Feel free to use night creams containing essential fatty acids. Add those to your daily skin care rituals to help restore the skin’s protective layer. These include primrose, rose hips, pomegranate and maracuja oil. Before applying your night cream, under it, use water-based serums that are rich in active ingredients. These penetrate deep into the skin surface, this way revitalizing the skin, making it firmer and more resistant to hars weather, and of course, also smoothing wrinkles.

Body care – Nutrition and Indulgence

A long walk or fun ride with your sled in the snowfall is an phenomenal experience, after which you will definitely long for cosy hot baths and the warmth of a nicely-heated room. Unfortunately, these are the two major factors ruining your skin in the winter. Together they will further dry the already dehydrated skin, this is when it gets red, itchy and can even start to peel off. It is high time for seasonally available body butter and body oils to come into play. You don’t need too much of those on your skin to bring it back to life, get it deeply hydrated and soft again. Even more, they will have very positive effect on the soul too due to their essential oil content. Surprisingly, your hands and feet are subject to most stress, so proper protection and treatment are essential. My best advice is to apply a hand and a foot massage with warm, oily or body buttery hand, followed by fluffy socks and a pair of thread gloves then heading for a comfy warm blanket!  A mug of hot tea or mulled wine after a long day, and a well-deserved nap or romantic movie can be rewarding.

3 Top Tips for Winter

Regenerating night cream

While you are sleeping this nutritious cream rich in essential fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants works for you. Regenerates the skin and takes care of wrinkles so you can wake up refreshed.

With its complex formula it is responsible for reconstruction of the protective layer of the skin, strengthening collagen and elastin fibers, resulting in a smoother face. Main ingredients: Organic orange flower water, Organic Arga

Spicy body butter
Super soft skin, magical gingerbread scent and long-lasting hydration – who would want more than that? Rich in nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants, this cream not only prevents your skin from drying out, but also makes it firm and flexible. A must-try experience, especially in with your partner!

Skin protecting Lavender cream

Excellent skin protection cream for everyone in the family with its multipurpose application in winter – hand cream and face cream for kids and adults. It improves the condition of the deeper layers of the skin, reduces inflammatory processes and regenerates damaged skin. The irresistible scent of lavender soothes and harmonizes the soul.

The article was published in the winter issue of Gourmet and Delicious Magazine.

Dry skin is particularly unpleasant during the winter. Read our tips for dry skin care, causes and solutions on the Blog.

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