Is Aluminum-Free Deodorant Really Better?

For years, we have been hearing and reading all sorts of information about the potential harmful effects of aluminum-containing antiperspirants, and at the same time the market for natural, aluminum-free deodorants is growing. Are the various aluminum compounds in antiperspirants really harmful? We have investigated what the truth really is.

Aluminum-free antiperspirant as such does not exist, only aluminum-free deodorant

What does that mean? We would think that our antiperspirant and deodorant words are synonymous, but that is not true. The antiperspirant, with its aluminum salts, effectively blocks sweating (most easily appearing around the the armpit), while the deodorant counteracts with and neutrolizes any odor that may be formed.

Sweat in itself is a colorless, odorless liquid (99 percent water) that also contains organic matter. These substances react with the oxygen in the air then start to decompose, producing unpleasant odors. This particularly affects the armpit area. Although we know that sweating is a natural and useful process, as sweat protects the body from overheating, we still don’t like it in our everyday life and feel uncomfortable about it.

Myth? Antiperspirants containing Aluminium can cause serious illness

Numerous studies have been conducted in recent years on the harmful effects of aluminum salts in antiperspirants. The problem with this compound is twofold. On the one hand, when absorbed, it leads burdening metal in the body and, on the other hand, it prevents natural detoxification through normal sweating in the armpit area.

It is true that there is a huge ​​skin surface for detoxification of the body, but nature, for some reason, has chosen the armpit. Where do the toxic substances go if not able to leave naturally? The industry is looking for the answer to this question …

There are just as much studies stating that there is no proven relationship between toxins that accumulate due to the use of aluminum-containing deodorants and the development of breast cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, or even depression, as researches proving the opposite.

What is the truth really? We don’t know either, but we believe it’s best to put the least amount of pressure on our bodies. In the spirit of “better to be afraid than to be scared”, we definitely recommend the aluminum-free, natural deodorant for the teens and youngs in their twenties.

Are aluminum-free deodorants effective?

As mentioned above, the purpose of deodorants is to avoid unpleasant odor, that is, to create an environment on the skin of the armpit that prevents bacteria from multiplying. So it is effective against smells, but does not inhibit natural perspiration (and detoxification) like the aluminum salt.

If you choose an aluminum-free deodorant, you must be aware that they cannot protect you for 24 or 48 hours. The technology itself is not capable of protecting for more than 10-12 hours in case of normal sweating. Of course, if you are lucky and hardly sweat, it may be enough for you to use it once a day, but most people are advised to apply natural deodorant twice a day. On the other hand, the aluminum-free deodorants can be different, and their effect varies from 3 to 12 hours according to the active ingredient content.

At Herbsgarden you will find only aluminum-free deodorant! The strongest protection is provided by the Lemonade Deodorant, while for sensitive skin we recommend the Lavender version, both of which provide reliable protection for 10-12 hours. We have also created a beeswax-free Vegan deodorant with a citrus scent. If you want a neutral scent, choose Fresh Spring.

Want to try it out? Request a free sample sample from our Customer Service.

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