“Nature is very important to me and that’s why I love Herbsgarden” – interview with Papadimitriu Athina

A determined, natural woman who always knows what she wants. She believes in herbs, the healing power of nature, and it is widely known that she never allows any make-up artists close to herself for her performances, that is stricktly done by herself always! “In this time, one already finds their own face,” she says. Still energetic and ready for action, constantly on the move. Wellness and relaxation are not her cup of tea. Instead, if she can, she would head to the riding center to jump on her horse, even if that means she would end up with dust and sand covering her face for hours.

What is your relationship with the world of cosmetics?

Honestly, I’m a really awful client. I have rarely been to a beautician in my life, I prefered always doing everything for myself. Once, for example, I went for bleaching, but they burned my skin so I said thank you very much, I can do that too. Thanks to my parents, of course, luckily I had pretty good skin throughout my life. Actually, I was using all kind of cosmetics whatever came my way, I never had to spend millions on skincare products.

I believe more in the power of nature! Maria Treben’s book is like a prayer book to me, and I’ve always looked at it in search of a cure for any of my problems. Healing herbs are useful not only applied internally, but also externally. I’ve never liked the artificial scents and aromas, so I’m glad I found Herbsgarden cosmetics. Here I like essential oils, natural ingredients.

As an actress you must be very busy. How do you usually get to relax and recharge?

I find pleasure in horse riding. Of course, this is not specifically about beauty, as sand and dust from the horses are mostly covering my head and skin, yet I always look forward to getting home, changing quickly and going to the riding centre. Nature is very important to me, which is why I love Herbsgarden cosmetics because it contains all the goodies I see in nature everywhere in the springtime and that is the energy that surrounds me.

Often I am given wellness and fitness vouchers as a gift after my performances. I gave the wellness one to my daughters and the fitness one to someone in the village. I simply do not have the time for that. Going somewhere and soaking myself is not an option for me. Many times I do not even have time to sit in my own bathtub for half an hour to just relax.

How did you get to know the Herbsgarden brand?

Among many others, I work at the National HorseRider Theater, Timea Both (the beautician of Herbsgarden) is the partner of one of my colleauges, I met her for the first time last summer at a show. Then I got some samples from her, which I really liked. It smelled great, and when I tried it, it immediately brought me a special feeling, like when you notice in a dish that you finally find real flavors and it all becomes your blood immediatelly. It is instantly integrated into your body without making you feel saturated or difficult. With these products, I felt like ‘well yeah, this is it, I want it in my skin‘ when I applied them!

What are your favourite products? 

Jasmine Elixir and Cream has worked really well for me, and I also feel very good about my eye care product. With that I noticed that the wrinkles have decreased and some seem to have disappeared around my eyes. My older daughter just asked me the other day: ‘That this is a very good cream Mom, can you get one for me too?’ Even though my daughters aren’t big cosmetics enthusiasts either.


From what I heard from you so far, you have become the image of a strong, natural woman. We can see you are enjoying this “role” in real life. But what about the stage? What was your favorite “feminine” role?

I was just looking back at my performance in the play named “Mátyás Sándor”, where I played Namir, the Gypsy girl – I have to admit, I was beautiful back then. An exotic woman that was scarce at the time. Too bad they didn’t know Penelope Cruz and other Latin beauties back in that era, so I was just an extreme chick who couldn’t really fit into the role of the then fashionable Csepel worker. I was playing gypsy girls or mexican girls, though I could have filmed more.

What are you playing lately? Which role do you feel most comfortable with?

I work twelve hours a day and play continuously in three theaters, so luckily I never get bored. Right now, I’m going to the Snow White rehersal, this is going to be adopted to a horse show, I’m going to be the step-mother here. I also have a solo performance where I play a compilation of songs with lyrics from Peter Müller’s Love Book. I love Bernarda in Bernarda Alba’s House at the Spirit Theater because I play with my daughter, Anna. Actually I play her mother and she is one of my five daughters. But of course we can never rehearse it at home, because naturally my grandchild gets to be the main character there. I love the Riding Theater because I love to arrive at the catharsis, which requires doing theater firts of all, and I feel it most there. Every performance will be special by the fact that we do it on horseback, music is played, and we have to pay attention to many things at once. The right set of moves requires a lot of concentration while my adrenaline rises to the skies.

Congratulation to Papadimitriu Athina for receiving the Jászai Mari Prize in 2019!

Papadimitriu Athina (Actress), Both Tímea (Herbsgarden product designer), Markó-Valentyik Anna (Puppet artist)

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